Sujit Lalwani
Bangalore, India
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April 5 at 12:44am
The ADAD vision shall stand tall and for times to come. Stay tuned for updates on our platform. Meanwhile, if you're unable to login here and update your deeds as the platform gets updated and upgraded, continue doing them and spreading the message off this vision of bringing the world to do one good deed every single day..
April 5 at 12:39am
Listened to the awesome story of a woman entrepreneur who has been through loads, lost her husband and blogs full time. Helped promote her blog to my twitter audiences as that was her primary wish. #DigitalDeed
November 8 at 3:12am
Anything sizeable that was accomplished in this world was accomplished because some people believed in it more than anyone else did! So, DO you believe in the vision of ADAD? I very strongly DO!!!
November 17 at 11:21pm
November 8 at 3:11am
I would be happy to see the world believe in this vision of doing ONE GOOD DEED Every single day. This mere environment I believe is truly going to bring a massive positive change wave & a thought revolution! I look forward to seeing this entire community evolve by the day and by the hour!
November 8 at 3:00am
Post dinner at a restaurant I decided to get a part of the food parcelled & then I found a poor couple at the City Railway Station who were just dining with very scant food and their delight on receiving the packet of food from me was worth watching. I was truly touched when I saw their smiles on receiving the food & even more when the guy asked me if I finished my dinner(he didn't have to ask!)
August 16 at 1:48am
The ADAD Vision will take shape with time to grow to be a platform that will truly transform nations, eradicate deep rooted social issues and tackle problems of society by augmenting positive deeds instead of promising to abate negativity..
sachin bhat  yes I beleive in it and continue doing it
August 17 at 12:18pm
BHAVANI Venkatesh  thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity sir :-)
September 15 at 4:48pm
Vishnu Shetty  thank u for helping us go in right path in our life
September 17 at 7:07pm
Pavi Anandan  absolutly sir!!!!!!its gonna be a perfect platform for d youths!!!
October 3 at 10:54pm
Vishnu Prasad kuntar  thank u sir!
March 26 at 8:53pm
May 22 at 11:51pm
Inspired 5000+ young leaders for Nepal...
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Shruti Balasa  MASSIVE DEED sir this is.........
May 23 at 10:46am
Kavya Shree  Congratulations sir!
May 23 at 5:50pm
Jeevitha Dm  A deed that of making 5000 people smile and a deed of changing lives of 5000 people in nutshell its Deed to the power of "n" . :)
May 23 at 6:34pm
Soundarya Ramu  Awesome!!!!...Congratulations sir :)
May 23 at 8:55pm
Srinidhi sri  A True Deed indeed :) sir
September 23 at 6:11pm
Charitha K A  congrats sir its vry inspiring
June 25 at 10:19pm
May 17 at 11:52am
People don't grow because they don't want to get mentored
Aalisha Bafna  Very true
November 17 at 11:28pm
April 17 at 3:35pm
I got inked and wish to see that everyone contributes their vote for right governance!
March 27 at 1:00pm
The best way to stay happy is to stay working!!! #momentum
Chitu Chitra  sir,dont you ever feel ,let me take rest,let me relax???
April 25 at 8:33pm